Hoover Platinum LINX Cordless Handheld Vacuum

The Hoover Platinum Linx Handheld is a cordless, handheld, vacuum cleaner which is designed for those looking for a super easy and convenient method of cleaning up stubborn pet hair and other small things around the home. It’s similar to the other Linx model reviewed here, but instead it is a handheld model and not a stick vacuum. As an owner of two pets myself, I know how difficult it can be to keep dog and cat hair under control but thanks to this super convenient handheld vacuum cleaner, removing stubborn pet hair from my furniture is an extremely easy task!

Featuring a powerful lithium battery with fade-free power, worrying about how long I will be able to use my vacuum before requiring a recharge is no longer a worrying factor as this powerful machine can whizz through the whole of my cleaning without running out of power. Fade-free power means that the vacuum will perform at its full potential until it completely runs out of power. You no longer have to put up with the problems of low suction power due to the battery being low as the fade-free power is designed to offer you the ultimate vacuum cleaning experience, even at low power levels.

The Hoover Platinum Linx features a power-head brush-roll nozzle which has a 25 degree pivot design that allows you to easily maneuver your vacuum cleaner, even in the smallest of spaces. I found that this is extremely beneficial when it comes to cleaning my dog’s hair from awkward spaces, such as down the side of my steps and under the seats inside my car. The triple blade nozzle is designed for cleaning stubborn pet hair as it easily grabs any hair which is stuck to upholstery or fabric. From personal experience, I have found that this nozzle is my favorite out of the three which are included when it comes to cleaning dog hair as it easily powers through any hair which it encounters. The deluxe dusting brush nozzle offers you two rows of soft bristles which are extremely effective at cleaning delicate floor surfaces, such as hardwood flooring. The deluxe dusting brush is most effective when it comes to cleaning mass amounts of dog hair from my hardwood floor surfaces as it easily powers through any hair which gets in its way without causing any damage to the floor.

Overall, the Hoover Platinum Linx cordless pet hair vacuum is extremely convenient and easy to use and is the ideal vacuum cleaner for those who would like to easily keep pet hair and other small messes under control without wasting precious time. I can honestly say that the Hoover Platinum Linx is an essential tool on my life and without it, cleaning up random things in my home would be an extremely tedious task.

The Hoover Platinum Linx comes included with a two year warranty, high powered lithium battery and three different nozzle types designed to make cleaning up pet hair an extremely easy task.

If you are looking for the ultimate solution to easily cleaning up pet hair and other debris without encountering problems associated with a larger vacuum cleaner, the Hoover Platinum Linx Handheld is the ideal vacuum cleaner for you.

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Product Name: Hoover Platinum LINX Cordless Handheld Vacuum 284
Product Rating: 5.0
Summary: Hoover Platinum LINX Cordless Handheld Vacuum 284
Reviewed by: Sarah Jones
Price: $165

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