Dirt Devil AccuCharge

This easy to use, nimble, lightweight, hand held cordless vacuum cleaner which comes with a three year warranty is perfect for a house wife like myself who has to clean around different areas of the home daily. Weighing only 3 pounds, this cordless vacuum is perfect for a women like myself who needs a lightweight vacuum which easily be transported around the house without any hassle.

I found that this vacuum is great for quick cleaning up of spillages like when my kids spill crumbs on the floor when eating or when our dog makes a mess with his food as he likes to do on a regular basis. As a money saving mother, I am constantly looking at ways to cut my expenditures. I am always interested in saving money on my energy bill and one of the amazing features the Dirt Devil AccuCharge has is the smart charging battery system. This helps you cut down on your energy bill by shutting off the charger when the battery is fully charged to stop you from using any unnecessary energy. This is the first ever vacuum cleaner that I have ever seen with a feature like this.

Dirt Devil AccuchargeThe charger has a very clever way of monitoring the battery life and if any charge becomes depleted over time, the charger powers back on until it reaches full charge again. I am not exactly sure how much this has saved on my energy bill for the 4 months that I’ve been using it, but I’m certain it has made a difference.

On first use of this vacuum, I was extremely surprised with its performance. For such a small vacuum it has great suction power and even out powers some of the larger vacuum cleaners that I’ve owned previously. The quick flip crevice tool on this vacuum makes reaching into tight spaces a blitz. One of the main problems that I have had with small hand held cordless vacuum cleaners is not being able to collect all of the dirt which gets collected in tiny little tight spaces. The quick flip crevice tool allows me to collect all of the dirt in tight spaces with it’s very slim and squared nozzle.

Overall I would say this is one of the best cordless vacuum cleaners I have DirtDevil AccuChargeever owned due to it’s complexity, durability, lightweight and energy saving feature. I do not really have any negativity to give this vacuum at all. The Dirt Devil AccuCharge is an amazing cordless vacuum cleaner which will aid you in almost any cleaning situation. I totally recommend this vacuum cleaner to any house wife (or house husband for that matter) out their looking for a cheap, easy to use, money saving cordless vacuum cleaner.

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Product Name: Dirt Devil AccuCharge 753
Product Rating: 4.8
Summary: A review on Dirt Devil AccuCharge 753
Reviewed by: Sarah Jones
Price: $139

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