Hi and welcome to the site! I’m a mom with two kids and dogs so I know how hard it is to clean up after the little ones and your pets. Another thing I hate is cords! I love my vacuums being mobile and lightweight so I have created this site to share my honest experiences and reviews of my favorite cordless vacuums.

Instead of ranking them, since they all have their pros and cons, I will list my top 7 that I have reviewed so far. I will add more as I get time (and get to try out more of these awesome little machines!)

Here are 3 of the higher end ones, click the name of the vacuum to see my review!

Top Pick: Hoover Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum – This is about $140 the last I checked on Amazon. If I was FORCED to pick my favorite cordless vac, this one would have to be it. I also had a chance to try the Hoover Linx Cordless Handheld and it’s just as good of a vacuum in a handheld model.

Makita Cordless Vacuum Kit – Sitting around $150, this is my second favorite cordless vacuum. The battery kit that comes with it is awesome!

EL1030A Ergorapido Ion Bagless Cordless Stick and Hand Vac – Around $150 last I saw, this ones also great and has a few advantages and disadvantages over the Hoover and Makita.

4 Cordless Vacuums that are around $50. Click the name of the vacuum to see my review!

Eureka 96DZ – $60 last time I checked on Amazon, one of the highest rated vacuums in its price range, from a brand you know and trust.

Dirt Devil AccuCharge – A little under $60, a great little vacuum.

Black & Decker CHV1410 – About $40, this thing is great for vacuuming quick spills (like a bowl of cereal!) or getting a little mess out of the car. One of my favorite handheld vacuums.

Eureka Quick Up Cordless – Around $60 this is a nice 2 in 1 vacuum. The cheapest one I have on the site but still great for small cleanups!


Advantages of Getting a Cordless Vacuum

A cordless vacuum is definitely every mom’s dream appliance. Unlike the usual vacuums which are big and provide limited movement due to the cord, the cordless versions are easier to maneuver. Hence, moms would have an easier time cleaning whatever mess needs to be cleaned. Of course, those aren’t the only advantages of a cordless vacuum. If you are thinking about buying one or not, following are some of the things you might want to know about the benefits of these great little inventions, and you can find my take on what is truly the best cordless vacuum.

It’s Effective

Most people think that the bigger the item is, the more powerful it must be. However, this is no longer the case nowadays. Smaller items are now equipped with the power of their larger counterparts and the same can be said for cordless vacuums. Most of these vacuums have tremendous sucking power, allowing you to suck in crumbs, dust and even liquid spills. Depending on the type of vacuum you have, you can literally clean up a whole space with just a few swipes of the item.

It’s Light

As mentioned, powerful cordless cleaners today are incredibly small and therefore very light. This makes it easy for moms to carry the item around the house without getting tired. Compared to old school vacuums that take several minutes to bring upstairs, homeowners can bring up the cordless products in a matter of seconds.

It’s Maneuverable

Imagine having to reach dirt under the bed or between the ceiling and the sofa. With large vacuums, this usually means moving the item all the way in order to get to the tight spots. With a cordless vacuum however, this problem is no longer that hard since the nozzle is small enough to fit most spaces. By doing this, you not only get a thorough cleaning but also do it in a short span of time.

It’s Portable

Due to their size, cordless vacuum types can be easily brought from one place to another, sometimes even outside the house. This product operates on batteries which can run for several hours at a time. Hence, homeowners will find it easy to fully charge the product and use it whenever necessary. This rechargeable feature also frees up more room in the house for multiple usage of appliance.

It’s Cheap

Wireless vacuums are typically cheaper than their larger counterparts thank to their more compact size. What’s great, however, is that even with their small size, it’s very easy to find a product with an excellent design. So, you don’t have to suffer through the usually unappealing design of old fashioned vacuums.

It’s Durable

Thanks to technology, wireless vacuum types today also boast of a long life span. Depending on how you use it, the product can last for several years. Of course, some maintenance might be necessary such as cleaning the vacuum or perhaps replacing the battery. Other than those though, you can expect these new-age vacuums to perform well.

Of course, those aren’t the only advantages of cordless vacuums. Depending on the brand you choose to purchase, you might find yourself enjoying other types of perks such as removable hoses or perhaps, a battery indicator. And you might be lucky enough that your son or daughter sees them as a toy, and starts cleaning for you! Hope you find my cordless vacuum reviews useful and informative!

Product Name: Home 657
Product Rating: 4.8
Summary: A review on Home 657
Reviewed by: Sarah Jones
Price: $150

Hoover Platinum LINX Cordless Handheld Vacuum

The Hoover Platinum Linx Handheld is a cordless, handheld, vacuum cleaner which is designed for those looking for a super easy and convenient method of cleaning up stubborn pet hair and other small things around the home. It’s similar to the other Linx model reviewed here, but instead it is a handheld model and not a stick vacuum. As an owner of two pets myself, I know how difficult it can be to keep dog and cat hair under control but thanks to this super convenient handheld vacuum cleaner, removing stubborn pet hair from my furniture is an extremely easy task!

Featuring a powerful lithium battery with fade-free power, worrying about how long I will be able to use my vacuum before requiring a recharge is no longer a worrying factor as this powerful machine can whizz through the whole of my cleaning without running out of power. Fade-free power means that the vacuum will perform at its full potential until it completely runs out of power. You no longer have to put up with the problems of low suction power due to the battery being low as the fade-free power is designed to offer you the ultimate vacuum cleaning experience, even at low power levels.

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Makita Cordless Vacuum Kit

The Makita Compact Cordless Vacuum Kit is probably one of the most powerful and clever little cordless vacuum cleaners I have ever used. It comes complete with 2 easy to fit nozzles. One that is for vacuuming large areas (a new and improved floor nozzle which improves maneuverability) and one for vacuuming smaller areas such as inside smaller gaps (great for quick clean ups).

I have encountered many problems with vacuums relating suction power, especially from small cordless vacuum cleaners similar to this. This can be really irritating when I am trying to power through the house work but have to keep re vacuuming areas to ensure all of the rubbish is collected effectively. I can honestly say that the Makita compact has the best suction power ever and I never have to face this problem any more. No more wasting time going over areas which were not successfully vaccumed! This vacuum even powers up heavy wood chippings no problem at all and can be extremely effective at cleaning large, heavy piles of mess. It proved very effective when my dog decided to bring home a huge stick and chew it to pieces all over my kitchen floor. Continue reading

Black & Decker CHV1410 Dustbuster

The Black & Decker CHV1410 Dustbuster 14.4-Volt Cordless Cyclonic Hand Vacuum is an elegant piece of equipment with a blue and white design. This handheld vacuum weighs a measly 4 pounds and is very easy to carry around. One of the more popular brands today, this product comes with very powerful suction power.

Product Features 

  • The model is specially designed for an extended reach, allowing you to clean beneath furniture without moving them.
  • There’s a rotating slim nozzle that makes it easier to reach tough places.
  • Even when small, the mouth of the vacuum is large enough to suck in large pieces of dirt and debris.
  • Suction power remains strong even after through use thanks to the unique cyclonic action that keeps the filter clean.
  • Accessories for a more thorough cleaning are available such as the brush and crevice tools.
  • The small size makes for easier storage in your closet.
  • There’s a charging indicator light that makes the charging process easier.
  • The product is made to be durable using quality materials.
  • Rechargeable battery is capable of lasting for a decent amount of time.
  • This model also comes with the Energy Star stamp.
  • Storage can be done horizontally or vertically depending on your preference. Continue reading

EL1030A Ergorapido Ion

The EL1030A Ergorapido Ion Bagless Cordless Stick is an eye-catching device, thanks to its almost-orange color. The product actually boasts of various features that would make it a great addition to your home. Weighing roughly 6 pounds with dimensions at 5 by 10.8 by 42.5 inches, this cordless vacuum is very easy to carry around from room to room.

Vacuum Features

  • This cordless device lets you move around from one room to another without worrying about power.
  • Aside from the stick, the model also comes with a handheld vacuum so that you can also clean on top of refrigerators, tables and other non-conventional areas.
  • There’s a 180 degree swivel head installed with the model, allowing you to maneuver into tight spots for complete cleaning.
  • The model comes with a 30 minute run time.
  • You’ll find it easier to clean small and dark spots thanks to the LED light installation.
  • Since the vacuum is bagless, you don’t have to worry about constantly purchasing bags which can be very expensive in the long run.
  • This model carries 18-volt Lithium ion batteries that take a short time to charge. Continue reading

Eureka 96DZ Cordless Vacuum

The Eureka 96DZ Cordless Vacuum is an ultra-light product that measures about 10.3 by 20.5 by 5.4 inches at an extremely low weight of 5 pounds. Even with its compact size, however, the Eureka 96DZ has proven to be very effective when it comes to cleaning. This is probably why the product has become very popular in the market with more and more buyers feeling satisfied with their purchase, myself included!

Product Features

  • The product comes with a very powerful sucking power, allowing you to remove all types of dust and dirt from your home.
  • A brush roll is installed with the device for homes with carpets.
  • There’s a filtration system that makes it possible to capture even the smallest particles.
  • The item works great for two-story houses thanks to its very light weight.
  • Provides excellent grip so that you can easily maneuver the item around.
  • The Eureka 96DZ Cordless Vacuum comes with a dust cup that you can easily remove and empty-out whenever necessary.
  • Since it doesn’t have a cord, you can carry it around the house without worrying about wire limitations.
  • The durable design ensures that you will be able to enjoy the product for years to come.
  • The rechargeable battery can last for hours at a given time.
  • This Eureka 96DZ model actually comes with a second set of batteries for easy swapping.
  • Good design makes it easy on the eyes especially when used in a contemporary home.

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Hoover Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum

The Hoover Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum is a slender piece of equipment that carries various features for excellent cleaning power. The product measures 10.4 by 8 by 24.8 inches and roughly weighs 10.4 pounds. A popular cordless vacuum nowadays, thanks to its contemporary design, this stick vacuum has a lot to offer buyers.

 Product Features

  • Cordless, making it easier to maneuver along tight spots.
  • The product is bagless so disposal is easier.
  • The nozzle is 11 inches wide so that you can cover large areas in a short amount of time.
  • There’s a motorized power brush for added cleaning.
  • The product runs on an 18-volt Lithium Ion battery that you can use for hours.
  • The vacuum’s height can be adjusted according to your specifications.
  • It is Energy Star rated so that you can save more energy than your usual vacuum.
  • There is edge cleaning bristles installed on the model.
  • You can always monitor how much battery is left thanks to the battery-fuel gauge.

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Dirt Devil AccuCharge

This easy to use, nimble, lightweight, hand held cordless vacuum cleaner which comes with a three year warranty is perfect for a house wife like myself who has to clean around different areas of the home daily. Weighing only 3 pounds, this cordless vacuum is perfect for a women like myself who needs a lightweight vacuum which easily be transported around the house without any hassle.

I found that this vacuum is great for quick cleaning up of spillages like when my kids spill crumbs on the floor when eating or when our dog makes a mess with his food as he likes to do on a regular basis. As a money saving mother, I am constantly looking at ways to cut my expenditures. I am always interested in saving money on my energy bill and one of the amazing features the Dirt Devil AccuCharge has is the smart charging battery system. This helps you cut down on your energy bill by shutting off the charger when the battery is fully charged to stop you from using any unnecessary energy. This is the first ever vacuum cleaner that I have ever seen with a feature like this.

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Eureka Quick-Up Cordless

I would first of all like to start with the good points about this vacuum cleaner, and there are plenty!! The Eureka Quick-Up Cordless is by far one of the best cordless vacuums that I have ever used.

First of all, I’d like to start with telling you how light this thing is! I am generally not a very strong woman and used to struggle when moving some of my previous vacuum cleaners around when cleaning different areas of the house. This is part of the reason I’m such a big fan of cordless vacuums. The Quick-Up solved this problem instantly with it’s tremendously light weight. I no longer had to strain my back when lifting up my vacuum cleaner.

Pretty much all of my previous vacuum cleaners were terribly noisy when in operation but the Eureka Quick-Up is extremely quiet and I can even use it when the kids are in bed. I also liked how easily the handle installs and removes compared to some of my previous vacuum cleaners. This cordless vacuum can be quickly transformed into a hand held vacuum. As a mother of 2 small children this comes in handy when my children are eating cookies and spill crumbs on the floor. I can quickly turn my vacuum cleaner into a hand held vacuum and clean up the mess no problem at all. Continue reading